Travel Blogs

I enjoy reading other traveler’s blogs. You can learn so much from others experiences. There’s no particular order to the blogs below. There’s something for everyone. If you know of a travel blog that should be listed email with the subject heading in your email “Travel Blog”.

Travel Blogs




Nomadic Matts Travel Site


Danny Choo : Your portal to Japan

Almost Fearless

Upgrade: Travel Better

Intelligent Travel Blog

BootsnAll Travel

Jaunted – The Pop Culture Travel Guide

Uncornered Market

Travel Rants

World Hum

Indie Travel Podcast

A Luxury Travel Blog


Canada’s Adventure Couple: The Planted

Today In The Sky – By USA Travel

Europe for Visitors

Europe Up Close

Travel Blog Exchange

Tim Leffels: Cheapest Destinations

The Perrin Post: By Conde Nast Traveler

Journey Etc…

Travellers Point

Europe A La Carte

Amateur Traveler

The Cranky Flyer

Heather on her travels

Peter Greenberg

Wanderlust & Lipstick : Women’s Travel

Brilliant Tips

Briefcase to Backpack

Boarding Area

Solo Traveler


Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel

Johnny Vagabond

New Yorkology

Mice Chat


Two Backpackers

Up Take

Ky Speaks



The Longest Way Home


Off Track Planet

Off Beat Travel

Fried Chillies

The Jetpacker

Yeah Thats Kosher

As We Travel

The Brooklyn Nomad

Travel to Work!

Velvet Escape

NY City Mama

501 Places

My Several Worlds

Fluent in 3 Months



Lonely Planet

Things You Should Do


Johnny Jet

Spot Cool Stuff: Travel

Hidden Travel Gems

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