Corp FA Info

For those getting into or are interested in corporate aviation listed below are some helpful links to schools, organizations, and free government training.

Corporate Flight Attendant Training Schools

Flight Safety International

Facts Training

Corporate Air Parts

FAA Government Workshop

FAA Cabin Safety Workshop
“Free to commerical & corporate flight attendants”


NBAA- National Business Aviation Association

British Women Pilots Association

Centennial of Licensed Women Pilots

Coordination of European Women Airline Pilots

Girls With Wings

Greater Washington Business Aviation Association, Inc.

International Learn To Fly Day

The Ninety – Nines

Young Eagles

Women In Aviation International

Women Pilots

Women Soaring Pilots Association

Trasportation Security Administration / Air Marshall Service


Crew Member Self-Defense Training
“Free to commerical & corporate flight attendants”

Job Placement Websites

Fly Contract

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