Reference Qutoes

Below you will find quotes taken  from various letters of references and comments from passengers. Full versions are available upon request.

“Great attitude & action w/regard to ill patient on board & follow up. Great Job!”
~Business Class Passenger, 5J, DTW-AMS Flight 252

“Every Delta employee should have his attitude & have as much fun as he has at work. It was a pleasure & privilege having him serve us. I wish he could be on every flight.”
~Business Class Passenger

“Thank You!!”
~Gnsmoa, Delta Employee

“He is a consummate professional who puts the safety and comfort of his passengers above all else. He exudes the skill and professionalism necessary to lead his team of flight attendants with unwavering dedication to his passengers comfort and wellbeing.”
~Captain Thomas H. Blake, Delta Air Lines/USN Retired

“Very friendly & welcoming! Nice touch on the strawberries!”
~Business Class Passenger, 3B

“Don is always smiling – creating an ease for flying passengers and also creating a welcome environment for all crew members.”
~Homer Coffman, Delta Air Lines Pilot

“The cabin crew worked effectively and efficiently together. Purser Don Jackson led the crew.”
~Business Class Passenger, 4H

“He has exhibited a high level of customer service and positive employee interaction. His commitment to his customers and or crew, which can be both at the same time, is without a doubt exemplary as is his work ethic.”
~John Alberstadt, Delta Air Lines International Flight Purser

“Garners numerous commendation letters from customers on his superior customer service.”
~Mona Gertner, Base Manager-MEM Inflight

“Don’s friendly out going personality coupled with his motivation gives him the ability to succeed at anything he puts his mind to.”
~Captain Chad A. Christopher

“He has been very professional in his appearance and his job as leader. He is a team builder and problem solver.”
~Captain Paul R. Bartels Delta Air Lines

“I know Don to be confident and exemplary as a flight attendant. Don has tremendous depth in the field and is an asset.”
~Captain Jeffrey J. Harries

“Donald is always willing to step in when help is needed. I have been greatly impressed by his desire to always learn more to enhance his knowledge of safety procedures aboard the aircraft.”
~Cheryl Bullister, Corporate Flight Attendant & Office Administrator Jett Sett Management

“On numerous occasions he has been called upon to handle difficult situations involving passengers and has remained calm and diplomatic even under stressful situations and turn the situation into a positive resolution.”
~Gabriele Wright, Corporate Flight Attendant

“Donald leadership skills are exceptional. Watching his interaction with his crew and customer is very inspiring. His present is not intimidating and he encourages teamwork as well as team building.”
~B’Nard M. Rawls, Flight Attendant

“Excellent positive & friendly attitude – which makes the whole experience better. Need more brand ambassadors like him – sends a very strong message.”
~Business Class Passenger

“He went out of his way to make my flight enjoyable.”
~Business Class Passenger, Ams-Dtw Flight 251

“He went above and beyond to make a long flight relaxing and enjoyable.”
~Business Class Passenger, coming back from Europe

“Very concerned about the happiness of customers. Went out of his way for me.”
~Main Cabin Passenger, 10C, Dtw-Bos Flight 186

“Service above & beyond.”
~Business Class Passenger, 4C, Ams-Dtw Flight 251

“I appreciate you!! Thanks for taking good care of me & my bag.”
~Kathy, Main Cabin Passenger, Dtw-Bos Flight 251

“Mr. Jackson showed great leadership and diplomacy in resolving the matter in a very smooth, calm way. Don made us feel cared for. You are lucky to have a person like Mr. Jackson representing your company.”
~Main Cabin Passenger, 26F, Ams-Dtw Flight 249, 12/08/11

“I could not upgrade to business class and Don took care of me and another elite member like we were in business class making all the difference on our flight. It’s people like him that make Delta different and my choice.”
~Main Cabin Passenger CG, Ams-Dtw Flight 249, 9/2/11

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