Don Jackson, the founder and operator of Corporate Flight Attendant, has more than 22 years experience flying with a major airline and companies on every type of aircraft imaginable. Don’s knowledge of air travel, combined with his FAA certifications, led him to found Corporate Flight Attendant as a resource for individuals and businesses that need travel information and assistance.

As a purser on international flights and flight leader on domestic flights for a major commercial carrier, Don has received numerous awards and recognitions throughout the years, including nomination for the prestigious Chairman’s Award and High Value Customer Recognition from the Job Well Done Program. It’s estimated that Don travels nearly 250,000 miles every year!

He has successfully completed and passed the yearly strict, mandatory training requirements dictated by the FAA and the airline carrier to maintain his certification to fly both international and domestic flights. In addition, Don maintains his purser status by continuing to pass the yearly training requirements designated by the carrier and MSB Consultancy of London regarding customer service, leadership training, conflict management and communication training. To stay on top of things, Don sharpens his skills by continuing to take a variety of classes and seminars in CPR/First Aid, cabin emergency and water survival skills, safety and self defencse, customer service and food preparation.

Don is certified on a variety of commercial and corporate aircraft, ranging from Airbus, Boeing and Gulfstream manufactures, just to name a few. Don also attended and received his initial corporate flight attendant training certification from the highly regarded Flight Safety International in Savannah, GA.

Don’s love of travel and exceptional customer service skills lead him to begin the Corporate Flight Attendant website and service to ensure all travelers experiences are positive. Safety and comfort are two key elements that customers can count on, since Don has traveled most of the globe.

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