2013 New Year, Major Thought Of The Moment!

Happy New Year 2013

It’s a new year and lets make the most of it! Lets think about the 3 R’s when applying it to ourslef, a product, or serice one wants to offer. 




When I think of the 3 R’s I think of Madonna. From a business standpoint she is the master of thinking outside the box and reinventing & repackinging herself. I also look at Apple who took the 3 R’s and repackaged our whole in-store experience in buying their products.

Thick outside the box! Don’t try to make the wheel rethink it, reinvent it, and repackage it! Put your own spin & uniqueness to it. Stand out from the rest. This goes for anything in life.

Other celebrities and companies that have reinvented & repackaged themsleves are; Julia Child, Phyllis Diller, Stan Lee creator of Spiderman, Zappos.com, Amazon and  Domino’s just to name a few.

Always believe in yourself and don’t take No! For an answer. 


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