When Should You Buy Airline Tickets?

I’m just like everyone else. I want a good deal on airfare. Why, would I want to buy a ticket you ask. Even though I work for the airlines and I get a good deal to travel here is the real deal, all airline employees have to wait stand-by when trying to catch a flight. Which means we get on after all full fare passengers are on. And then there is no guarantee that we still won’t be bumped off the flight. I’ve seen non-revs get on with their boarding pass, take their seat, and get comfortable and then watch the agent come on right before the boarding door is to be closed and pull a non-rev off.

Now back to the question when should you buy a airline ticket. Peter Greenberg who is a travel guru says the best time to buy airline tickets is is 1 minute after midnight Wednesday morning (Wed, 12:01 a.m.). Take a look at his video below to learn more.

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