How To Save Money On Corporate Flight Attendant Training

OK! So, now we know what the most expensive part of being a corporate flight attendant is the initial training. What other training do you need? You are going to need to have training in CPR/First Aid and AED, catering, and food preparation. There are great schools for CPR/First Aid & AED, equeitte, survival and emergency training. I will list these schools below. Once again the schools that will be listed below are GREAT! But if money is tight the schools will have to wait. Let me show you what I have done.

I would like to go to many of the schools listed below but my fiancés are tight just like yours. So, what I have done is create my own training program. I’ve done that by taking classes and seminars in my community. Since I’m a certified flight attendant by the FAA I have CPR/First Aid & AED training every year, which is required in my recurrent training with the airlines. Keep in mind that each AED is different on commercial & corporate planes.

 My personal training consist of the following:

(1) CPR/First Aid training through the fire department in my city. It was free for residents and they charge a nominal fee for non-residents. Check your local Red Cross, community colleges, hospitals, continuing education/enrichment programs which my be offered through your city or local college.

(2) I encourage everyone to take ServSafe, which is a food handlers program. The program covers: basic food safety, personal hygiene, cross-contamination & allergens, time & temperature, and cleaning & sanitation. They offer this course online but I strongly suggest you take it either through the college or university level, continuing education/enrichment programs. Also check your local county to see if they offer this class or some type of food handler’s class. Something else to beware of some states may not accept you taking the ServSafe class online through the website program because it may not meet their state requirements. That’s why I suggest you take it through one of the above outlets. Just to give you an ideal of how much money I saved by taking this 2-day class at the local community college continuing enrichment program. A friend of mine paid over $1000.00 at one of the corporate specific schools and I only paid $125.00. I saved time, money, travel, and lodging expense.

(3) There is a school I would really like to go to called “The Corporate School of Etiquette”. The Corporate School of Etiquette “provides the corporate flight attendant with a unique program designed with the practical experience and knowledge of skills, international etiquette and protocol, and culinary skills necessary to ensure rewarding career in corporate aviation”. They offer different courses but I can’t afford it at this time. So, I had to think outside of the box again and this is what I have done. I take different class at the community college continuing education program to learn: (1) Knife skills, cooking techniques, garnishing, food decorating, and fruit carving just to name a few, (2) I went to a catering company to ask them if they had the time to show me the proper placement of silverware, plates, and glasses. Funny thing after they showed me they offered me a part-time job. I took it! So, I became more filmiar with food preparation and presentation, (3) I watch lots of You Tube ranging from food presentation, napkin folding, table decorating, fruit & vegetable carving, wine & food pairing, etc, I also watch a lot of food shows on the Food Network & The Cooking Channel. Think of it as being taught by some of the top chefs in your own home for free,  (4) I read and get a lot of ideals on menu planning, food presentation and table decorating/themes from reading Better Homes and Garden, Diabetes, and other various food magazines, (4A) Cut out pictures of food presentations you like, take photos when you are eating out or see a placement you like, and collect the food meal cards you see in the meat/fruit & vegetable section at your local super market. They give you great ideals on what to make and how to present the food, (4B) Check out William – Sonoma or the Whole Foods stores they offer classes for free or for a nominal fee,  (5) Invest in some good cooking/food, bartending, table decorating, etiquette, custom and entertaining books. Go to the local bookstore write down the books you like and check to see if you can get them cheaper by looking at the following websites: half, Amazon, Ebay, Textbooks, and Chegg. Don’t forget the power of Google & Craigs List to help you out, 6. Take a part-time job in the catering, restaurant, and party planning business to get some experience while making some extra money to help you go to your Initial Flight Attendant Training.

(4) Self defense is just an important thing to know. I along with other flight attendants have taken classes through the TSA Crew Member Self Defense Training Program, which is free for those in the aviation field. I also took it upon myself to further my training by once again enrolling in a self-defense class at the local community college. The instructor was so skinny you really would of thought you could of kicked sand in his face. Whatever you do don’t ever unestimate a really skinny man or woman. You will be shocked! This guy was so strong you would of never guessed it in a million years. The class was a semester long twice a week it only cost me $200.00. Check your local self-defense schools as well to see how much they charge. Some just charge when you show up for class.

(5) Emergency equipment and how to use it is very important. Go to your local Fire Department or Police Department and see if they have classes on how to use an oxygen bottle, halon & water extinguisher. Don’t forget to use YouTube.

(6) Try and learn a language by taking class at a foreign language school, community college, Rosetta Stone, watching YouTube, and check out Itues. Pick up a children’s book in say Spanish and try to translate it with a Spanish to English dictionary or use Google Language Translator or Yahoo! Babel Fish.

I hope this helps you in your training as a corporate flight attendant.


Whole Foods

William –Sonoma

Training Courses:


TAM (Techniques of Alcohol Management)

Bartending Books:

The New York Bartenders Guide by Sally Ann Berk

The Official Harvard Student Agencies Bartending Course by St. Martin’s Griffin

Bartending 101 The Basics of Mixology by The Harvard Student Agencies Bartending Course

The Ultimate Little Shooter book & The Ultimate Little Shooter Book II by Ray Foley

Corporate Specific Schools:

 FAA Cabin Safety Workshop (This is not a school but it would be worth while to go if you can. It’s FREE!)

The Corporate School of Etiquette

Culinary Institute of America

FACTS Emergency Procedures Training

FlightSafety International General Emergency Training


Pelham Training

Stark Survival Training

Survival Systems USA Inc: I went to this school for survival training and it was great!

ASI Group

Corporate Flight Attendant Training by Susan C. Friedenberg

The Protocol School of Washington: I would like to go to this school!

Customer Service Books:

Zingerman’s Guide To Giving Great Service by Ari Weinzweig

The New Gold Standard: 5 Leadership Principles for Creating a Legendary Customer Experience of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company by Rhodes and Joseph Michelli



Martha Stewart 

Rachael Ray


Rosetta Stone

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